Tips for Driving in Los Angeles


Driving in Los Angeles

Driving in Los Angeles

Since 2004, Corey Nelson has served as a Realtor at Sotheby’s International Realty in Los Angeles, California. Realtor Corey Nelson has become known for his concierge service to clients, who benefit not only from his buying and selling acumen but also from his support in the relocation process.

Los Angeles can be challenging to navigate. It is known for its heavy traffic as much as its breadth of opportunities, though the latter can be extremely rewarding once one learns to navigate the city’s myriad streets and highways.

One of the first things that an LA transplant learns is to stay off of the roads during rush hour, which on some days can last from 3:30 in the afternoon until 7:30 at night. A driver can get around some of this traffic by learning to utilize the smaller roads, which have more street lights but fewer cars than the 101, 405, and other major thoroughfares.

Drivers must also be mindful of street sweeping hours, as different streets have different time periods during which parking is illegal. Failing to check the signs can result in a parking ticket of $60 or more.

Finally, new residents must remember that the law requires a driver to register his or her car within 20 days of relocating and to get a California license if one’s stay will last more than 30 days. Experts recommend checking the California DMV website for a list of the appropriate documentation and requirements for registration and licensure, the latter of which does require the applicant to pass a written examination.